We serve vulnerable women and children in the Maweni village located in the  Arumeru district of Tanzania (15 miles from the city of Arusha).  The community we serve consists of individuals living on less than $3 a day.  The majority of the women earn their living through selling fruits and vegetables, and have an education under grade six.   They are a wonderful group of hard-working women who want to excel in life, and simply provide the best for their families—they just need opportunities.

Meet a few of our members and learn about their stories!

Agnes Philipo

Agnes PhilipoA widow, Agnes has used her JUAf loan to farm a rice paddy and send her child to school. She’s recently taken a second loan and says, “The JUAf village has helped me to come out of a miserable life to a better one.”

Lea Sirayo

Lea SirayoFor Lea, “being a member of JUAf is a lucky thing.” She is pleased to be working alongside the young and strong, and says it makes her feel young. She is very grateful for her loan.

Helen Philipo

Helen PhilipoHelen is married with a little girl named Dabora. She’s been responsible for everything in her family since her husband lost vision in both eyes while she was pregnant. Thanks to her JUAf loan, she can work hard and change the life of her family, and hopes to sponsor her daughter’s education as her business grows.

Judith Marko

Judith MarkoJudith has proven the benefit of attending JUAf meetings to her husband, and they both feel lucky to be part of the circle. She hopes her many friends can access loans soon, too.

Vick Massawe

Vick MassaweVick emerged from a difficult marriage at a young age, and is now empowered by JUAf to educate herself and continue developing.

Ruth Mungure

Ruth MungureRuth says, “I love JUAf, as they have done good things for me.” She’s now trained in entrepreneurship and village banking, and has benefited from two loans. She is happy and says her life has changed for the better.