The JUAf Team

Asha Mruma

Founding Partner

Asha Mruma Co-Founder JUAf
Hello, I am Dr. Asha Mruma. I was raised in a rural town in Tanzania by parents who had no formal education. It was very important to my Mother that I receive an education so with her help I exceeded cultural expectations by graduating from Grade 12. I then married at a young age and raised 5 children on my own.

With continued support from my mother and uncle, I was encouraged to pursue a medical degree. I graduated from the Medical Collage Tanga at the age of 30. When I was working with the Catholic diocese as a Medical Doctor, we initiated an HIV/AIDS team; unfortunately we didn’t get many clients to support because the team was working under the religious organization; subsequently I was among the co-founders of CHAWAKUA, a non-profit organization. CHAWAKUA executed HIV/AIDS peer educators in different positions, sexual reproductive education to youth under 24 years, entrepreneurship and micro financing to women. In recognition of my efforts I was invited to the White House by Hillary Clinton in 1998.

Because I watched my Mother struggle to raise me as a single parent and keep me in school, I had a passion to help vulnerable women and children in rural communities. I returned to University in 2007 and obtained a Masters degree in Community Economic Development. Now that I added expertise and knowledge to my passion, I then co-founded JUAf – located in Maweni, Tanzania.” It is my belief that if we can educate women in how to run their own businesses, we can improve not only their lives, but the lives of their ancestors as well.


Jude McAlpine

Founding Partner

Judi McAlpine-Founding Partner-JUAf

Hi, I’m Jude McAlpine, and I’m a Founding Partner of JUAf. I was fortunate enough to meet my business partner, Asha Mruma, several years ago when I took a 16 month sabbatical from corporate life and spent that time living and working all over East Africa in the areas of Microfinancing, Sustainable Development, HIV/Aids and Early Childhood Development. I’ve had the great privilege over the years to travel to nearly 60 countries and I’ve been deeply humbled from my experiences. Those experiences have provided me a view into various countries, their cultures, economic challenges, educational challenges, and lifestyles. I’ve learned first-hand about the barriers faced by women and children worldwide and their desire to have a better life if given the right resources. I wanted to give back to the women in these communities by leveraging my formal business education and my experience in the business world. My founding partner, Asha Mruma shared the same vision. Hence, we started JUAf – a village for the empowerment of women and children.

I’m very passionate about providing resources to empower women and children to thrive and be given the opportunities that were given to me by birthright. I bring to JUAf over 25 years of business experience working with companies from small start-ups to large established organizations, and an MBA from Seattle Pacific University.


Asia Peter

Supervisor of Village Banking

Asia Peters JUAf

Hello, my name is Asia Peter and I supervise the Village Banking System and the kitchen. I also manage the hand craft work done by our members as well as educate them on how to run their businesses. I feel that if we can educate the women in our community to manage their own businesses, it will improve their lives into the future.


Aggrey Mawerere

Teacher – Juaf Academy

Aggrey Mawerere JUAf Teacher

Hello, My name is Aggrey Mawerere and I am the Teacher for the JUAf academy. I grew up in a small village in Uganda, like the one JUAf supports. Both my parents are teachers and they have encouraged me to teach as well. They had a very good life and I thought I would like that life as well so I achieved my teaching degree from Bishop Willers Core PTC. I am hoping in the future we will be able to support more children from Maweni and give them all a good education.


Sabina Kitomari


Sabina Kitomari Juaf Cook

Hello, my name is Sabina Kitomari and I am the head cook for JUAf. I provide breakfast and lunch to the children and staff, I really love feeding the children! Before coming to JUAf I would teach people how to do fish farming, but there wasn’t enough work so I would often have to take out loans from my neighbors. Now I have a salary and my neighbors sometimes take out loans from me!


Ndekirwa Sirayo “Mapopo”

Head Gardener

Head Gardener Mapopo-JUAf

My name is Ndekirwa Sirayo, but everyone calls me Mapopo (it means bat in Swahili).  I have been working at JUAf for a year full time. Before this I worked as a day worker and I ran my own farm.  I really love working in the fields and helping the vegetables grow. Before JUAf I had a problem with drinking and I didn’t have a lot of money for food. Now I don’t drink at all , I feel much healthier and JUAf provides me with my meals so I don’t have to worry about that any more.


Fraini Gabriel

Night Watchman

Fraini Gabriel-JUAf Night Watchman

Hello my name is Fraini and I am the night watchman for JUAf, plus I drive the power tiller. I have been keeping JUAf safe for over a year now. Before I was hired at JUAf I was a farmed tomatoes, bitter tomatoes, okra and maize. Due to the lack of water, it is very difficult being a farmer where we live, so I love working at JUAf and having a steady paycheck. Since working here I have been able to build a good roof on my house and I am also able to give my wife money to go to the market, we no longer have to worry about how we will eat. I am also proud to be trusted by other members of my village and they will sometimes come to me when they need a loan.