Thanks to your help and support, we have accomplished a great deal in a few short years!

A timeline of JUAf events:


➢ Partnered with USAID small farmer initiative to help us in our agriculture production and finding markets
➢ Construction of a Fish Pond project to help with revenue generation activities
➢ Oral Healthcare services and education provided to community by an American Dental Hygienist
➢ Livestock production (goats) to help with revenue generation activities


➢ Construction of the English Medium Preschool
➢ Preschool program grows to 20 children


➢ Property boundary built to protect assets
➢ Installation of solar panels for clean energy
➢ Preschool program launched with 10 children
➢ Hired local preschool teacher and cook
➢ Hired local guard


➢ JUAf officially registered and recognized by Tanzanian Government as an NGO
➢ Tanzanian Government gifts JUAf a new tractor
➢ Construction of the water well
➢ Construction of the water tanks
➢ Expansion of Microfinance Loans 30 members
➢ Expansion of Village Banking to 45 members
➢ Completion of the Community Center


➢ Introduction of Microfinance Loans to 15 members
➢ Introduction of Village Banking to 15 members
➢ Construction of the Community Center


Asha Mruma and Judi McAlpine form a partnership based on the need to provide resources to vulnerable women and children in the rural ‘untouched’ communities. Funding was raised, and JUAf was able to purchase eight acres of land in the Maweni Village located approximately 15 miles from Arusha, Tanzania. and begin to create a village of resources to empower the rural community.


Our two founders, Asha Mruma and Judi McAlpine met in Arusha, Tanzania while working together for a small grass roots NGO focused on providing HIV/AIDS education and support to women. Over time, the need became evident to provide microfinancing loans to women in order to empower them to create small businesses and financially thrive.