JUAf is small grassroots non-profit located in the Arumeru district of Tanzania (15 miles from Arusha).  Our focus is to empower vulnerable women and children to empower themselves. We provide the necessary resources for the community to succeed and the opportunities to grow.

JUAf (pronounced joo-off) is a Swahali name with a dual meaning.  It means ‘to understand’ and ‘the sun.’ We named our village JUAf because we believe that all vulnerable women and children need brightness in their life, the opportunities to succeed and to be understood.

We were founded in 2009  by two individuals who shared the same passion, Dr. Asha Mruma and Judi McAlpine.  Dr. Asha Mruma is a native Tanzanian with a background in economic development and public health.  Judi McAlpine is an American with a background in business management and a passion for social entrepreneurship in providing opportunities for vulnerable communities.   The two women met when Judi took a sabbatical and lived in East Africa for 16 months volunteering for various grassroots non-profits. Out of a shared vision and an understanding of the needs of the local community, a partnership was formed.

Our Mission

JUAf’s mission is to provide resources for vulnerable women and children to assist in poverty eradication.  We accomplish this by providing the tools for women to empower themselves through microfinancing, education, entrepreneurship and improved health.

Our Belief

We believe in empowering vulnerable women and children to empower themselves.  We believe in providing resources and partnering with the local community to succeed.

Our Values

➢ All vulnerable women and children deserve the opportunity to gain an education, have access to healthcare, and learn business skills to gain an income.

➢ All vulnerable women and children deserve to be understood, and be given equal opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Give a woman microcredit, she, her husband, her children and her extended family will eat for a lifetime. —Bono