Accomplishments for 2012!

Introducing…. The JUAf Academy!

Thank you for your donations towards the JUAf village preschool, now officially called the JUAf Academy. We had a great team of local members help construct the JUAf Academy and a playground for the children to play.  The school was painted a bright Orange color, and the children are thrilled to have a school to call their own.

The JUAf Academy now has over 20 children who are very proud to attend the one and only English Medium Pre-School in the surrounding area.   For the last couple of years, the school was taught in our local community center, and now the children not only have their own school, but a playground too!  Generally, only the children coming from wealthy families residing in the cities are able to attend English Medium Pre-Schools, but we are now able to provide this opportunity to the vulnerable children who live in more remote villages.   The children are currently sitting on the floor and have limited books, but we plan to raise enough money to get new desks for them soon!

Here are a few pictures of the children and their activities at the JUAf Academy.










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